Mobile Strategy Consulting

With sustainable evolution of connectivity, mobility has become an essential and integral part of enterprise strategy tools, which enhance digital engagement and deliver specific results. Mobile is playing a key role in business analysis and its ROI.

A true enterprise strategy gives a significant edge to your business value and maps out a company-wide shift in thinking about technology.

WideVision creates and enable mobile strategies driven by a clear vision of mobile solutions which decode complex business problems in a simple and user friendly way, that fit unique business models and deliver great results.

Balanced Strategies that Take You to the Next Step of Mobile Evolution

Moving to a mobile first enterprise strategy is definitely a way to go but is your business ready to face this transformation? Reimagine your business with an experienced mobile strategy consulting and implemention partner, WideVision. As a proficient and customer oriented mobile technology company, we work alongside you to leverage your true business mobility potential. Whether you are new or on a half way to mobility we provide you best possible solutions so that you can analyse power of mobility in transforming business outcomes.

A mobile first enterprise strategy could certainely gear up your business, but are you ready for the challenges? We have been working with small to global enterprises in consulting and implementing their mobile strategy. As a consumer focused and mobile technology expertise company, we listen to your plans, objectives then put forward to you innovative ideas in order to leverage feasible outcomes using mobile technology.

Explore New Mobile Possibilities and Evolve with WideVision

We help companies explore new dimensions, whether the application is about mobile employee enablement or outbound customers. We are leading Mobile Solution Provider Company with over 5+ years of experience offering high-end business solutions. Using the right technology to solve the right problem is the half way done. Our innovative and flexible approach make us stand out in helping companies to leverage effective mobile strategy that generate results. Highly skilled team, compelling user experience, great business values and productivity are few among many qualities that binds us with our present customers as well as attract others to work with us.

We at WideVision have expert consulting services for mobile employee enablement or outbound consumer apps to streamline assets, consumers and partners interaction. Being an industry expertise with over five years of experience in mobility, our skilled workforce provides start to end mobile strategy consultance regardless of technology you choose to work on. Our high quality solution, end to end support, vision based working culture and dedication results as satisfied customers.

WideVision’s 360 Degree Mobile Strategy Consulting Process

We ensure you to provide best solution for the given business context with facts and reasons. Our team works closely with your key persons to establish strategic solutions accomplishing your corporate vision. This goal is achieved through the mobility roadmap of system requirment, life cycle requirment, mobility architecture, budgetary investments, policy and governance and a mobility solution timeline.

Our prime purpose is to consult you optimum and at the same time cost effective solution, best suited to your problem. Your strength is our power and drawbacks are our key areas to focus on. We work alongside with you to explore new business dimensions and help your organisation to achieve new heights.

Why WideVision for mobile strategy consulting services?

Seamless Execution

WideVision is in a unique position to address all application development problems. We provide consultation services which supports your mobile strategy. Seamless execution of our applications is the result of high quality code, testing and proper back end integration with client's system like SAP, CRM, 3rd party tools and proprietary systems.

Our teams bring in significant additional value with our deep experience in offering consulting services keeping your mobile vision in mind. A well integrated system is the key feature of seamless execution.

Aligned Services

We prefer client's envolvement at every stage of mobile application development to ensure that the development process is going in sync with the strategy. We visualize your idea, target your business problems and find best possible solution for it. Your technical priorities are always ranks first to us, regardless of level of complexity.

Our deep experienced business analysts keep you updated with the latest business trends and technologies, which in turns empower your decision making in selecting appropriate technology framework, architecture pattern, tools and platform.

High Performing Solutions

We are passionate towards providing highly functional and feature rich mobile applications. Visually appealing, interactive and complete social media integrated applications inhance user engagement, which is a right ROI.

Our research based working explores what motivates your users. Brainstorm, innovation, refinement and creativity build a strong foundation to scope out the apps functionality. With a powerful back end support and beautiful front end design, we deliver high performing solutions that immediately grabs users attention and end-up with a delightful feeback.

Our Experience, Your Advantage

With extensive industry experience and unique perspactive for mobile application development we help you to identify and implement the right solution. We have technically updated business framework and an excellent team of designers, developers and business analysts who thinks out of the box. We are familiar with all the carrier requirements, certifications and launch necessities.

We believe that great employee delivers great product, so we follow high standards in hiring our employees. We have experts of various fields each of them proficient in their work.

Technology Expertise

With exclusivity and technology, WideVision has build many impeccable mobile applications and provide strategy consulting across the globe. Our developers provide custom mobile app development across different devices and platforms such as Blackberry, Windows, iPad, Android, iPhone and Symbian. We are also ahead in Cross Platform Development like Phone Gap and Titanium Development.

Our mobile app developers have in-depth knowledge of technologies and web trends to meet the need of client's requirements. We also have expertise in making offline games, apps to reduce day-to-day activities, gadgets, learning apps and mobile apps for utilities.


Considering all major aspects of mobile application development, we provide a scalable approach to design your application effectively with improved flexibility, time to market and optimized operational cost.

A well informed approach keeping short as well as long term opportunities in mind will keep you stand out rather than tweaking the mobile strategy as and when new challenges arrives. At WideVision we match scalability to your mobile vision.

Security is the Top Priority

We are highly concerned about your application's overall security from the very beginning. Our developers focus heavily on the integration between the mobile app, remote authentication services and cloud platform specific features.

With industry based practices we assure you 100% security of your application and proprietary business information.