MEP Mobile Solutions

In the wake of keeping pace with Media-Entertainment-Publishing industry companies are experiencing immense pressure of digitalization and content consumption. Media companies have to manage, analyse and generate enormous amount of data and content in order to enhance business through mobility solutions. Mobile devices have become predominant choice for content consumption via multi-channel distribution. Media and Entertainment companies are metamorphosing towards more integrated and newer technologies.

WideVision is your proven partner in catalyzing digital platform via stringent strategies for mobile content management, front-end native app development, integration of ad modules, social networking, mobile publishing framework, tracking etc. we have industry experts who understands the importance of relationship with customers and offer most appropriate solution for your media vertical.

Our media specialists help you get the accurate and personalized content that is consumable across multiple devices and platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, Titanium etc. Best content with timely distribution is the fundamental need of your media and entertainment business that sets you apart from competitors and clear your success path. We assure you complete content creation and monetization services for higher ROI.

Solutions for media, broadcasting, and entertainment industry

Demand of fresh content is simultaneously increasing in accordance with its consumption, so there is a consistent need of delivering rich information to viewers to be on the crest of the wave. We offer seamless service offerings including cloud service for faster data access on multiple screens. We keep pace with the emerging trends to offer creator, advertisers, broadcasters and viewers more responsive approach through . Our services include:

  • Mobile web portals
  • Mobile TV and radio applications
  • Location based applications
  • Messenger apps
  • Social media and community applications
  • Interactive experiences

Mobile solutions for publishing industry

we offer end-to-end mobility solutions for your publishing requirements. Digital content has penetrated complete media marketplace. An immense requirement of online publication process supported by critically designed publishing strategy has emerged. Publishing businesses are striving to broaden their reach through every possible channel for brand recognition and enhanced profitability. Our services include:

  • Mobile publishing framework
  • eReaders/mPub
  • News and information portal development
  • Digitization and content transformation