App Integration Services

Dissemination of mobile application has caused tremendous shift in the way employees and customers interact with their world, integration has become the next big thing in addition to mobile application development. We provide data, enterprise and system integration services by means of modernizing, consolidating and co-ordinating your business operations. Proficient technical and domain knowledge of various platforms, devices, languages and operating systems is required to develop a robust and well integrated mobility solution with hetrogeneous backend connectivity. We offer relevant integration services with brilliant performance and user experience for enterprise as well as consumers.

WideVision’s Mobile Apps Integration Services:

Any Type of Integration with Back-end Systems

Integrating your application with variety of backend systems, ERP, CRM, BI applications, databases, in-grown apps, third party applications, legacy applications, geo location tools and many such others is quite a big challange. Designing and development of various B2B, B2C and B2E mobile application differs with the different organizational needs. Our customized mobility solutions are designed to enable secure, scalable, synchronized, real time and above all bi-directional communication as per today's application and service requirements. We offer high performing, fully API controlled integrated mobile apps for smarter and better work.

Mobile Application Integration with Advertising Networks

Ad campaign on your commercial mobile app aid to achieve higher returns while maintaining user engagement. Depending on app usage we provide custom ad allocation at different level. We have working experience with variety of ad networks such as Adfonic, Admoda,, BuzzCity , Greystripe, InMobi, Jumptap, Madhouse, Microsoft Mobile Advertising, Mobile Theory, MobPartner, Mojiva, Nokia/NAVTEQ, YOC Group and YP (AT&T). these ad networks are integrated on your mobile app based on audience, user requirements and geographies. These ad networks are useful in launching campaigns effectively keeping your app performance intact.

Mobile Application Integration with Payment Gateways

With the ever flourishig technology online payment is playing a significant role in mobile shopping. We provide fast and secure payment gateway integration services for your mobile app enabling you to receive online payments through number of payment gatways like PayPal, Google Checkout, VeriSign,, 2Checkout, Chase Merchant, and many more. Proliferation of mobile shopping apps has mandate product and vendors to integrate payment gatway for instant settlement. Turn your m-shopping application into a POS terminal through our payment gateway integration services and delight your customer with fast and easy payment services.

Social Media Integration of Mobile Applications

Social media integration has become an indespensable part of mobile applications. Various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, MySpace, Flickr, Foursquare, Tumblr, Pinterest, Ning, Hi5, etc helps you and your app users to share important information, audio, video, photos, game scores, plans, likes and much more. Digital marketing through push alerts, deals and promotions is gaining huge succes now a days. Social media integration services works effectively for your business analysis and mobile-social communication insights. We have years of experience on different public/private social networks and industry expertise to consult you best suitable social networking platform for your business.

Mobile Analytics Integration with Mobile Applications

After successfully launching mobile application you strive for detailed information that tells you how well it is working. Integrating mobile analytics tools can help you track users and their activities on your application. We are well verse with various analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Flurry, Admob, App Clix, Bango, Localytics, etc designed to analyse user behavior and performance of your mobile application that help you made further improvements.