Cross-Platform Services

With the number of operating systems penetrating in the market it has become essential to find a single application development solution accessible through various platforms and user interfaces. The ultimate solution for this problem is Cross Platform Development which offers application compatibility between different platforms. In order to cater wider range of audience, applications needs to be accessible on various platforms, developing native application for each would be a costly and time consuming approach. Cross-platform offers fast, effective and user-friendly solutions in comparatively low cost.

Wide Vision offers top-notch Cross Platform Development services. Mobile apps that are highly portable, extremely functional and at the same time cost-effective. Our skilled developers efficiently utilize development tools which are generally based on common scripting language like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Cross Platform portability must be counted as essential in order to be ahead in the race of multiple platforms – iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Mac OX, Linux and HTML5. We are technology ready with Appcelerator ‘s Titanium, Adobe’s PhoneGap or Xamarin for complete support from building, testing and deployment to make your app a successful business idea.

Xamarin App Development

With a single language C# and .NET framework Xamarin offers native as well as hybrid application development services. It provides robust application development services with cross platform compatibility using single code base. Xamarin covers all major platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and Mac by high performing native application development. Xamarin has become the first choice of developers for standard enterprise mobile application development at lower investment along with device specific experience.

PhoneGap App Development

PhoneGap is a powerful open source mobile app development framework. PhoneGap is developers friendly due to its powerful native features like location-based/GPS sata, multi-media, Camera, accelerometer, etc. PhoneGap enables Cross Platform development services with different web standards including HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Supporting a wide array of platforms PhoneGap has become the top choice for building Cross Platform applications.

Titanium App Development

Appcelerator licensed under Apache is an open source mobile app development framework. It offers access to various operating systems and platforms through single development environment and language. Titanium offers cloud services too and enable access to multiple API’s for faster development. Wide Vision has gained proficiency with industry specific Titanium development experience. We are the technology consultants for our customers to assist them about the futuristic development tools.

Ionic App Development

An open source, HTML5 based mobile application development framework built on the top of Angular JS and Apache Cordova. Written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Ionic is targeted to develop hybrid applications that behave like native apps. Ionic manages to create compelling look and feel for your application by handling front-end user interface. Being hybrid application development framework, ionic supports multiple platforms with faster development in shorter timeframe.

Advantages with Us:

High-speed Application Development

As the code developed for one of the platform provides a launch pad for development for another platform; only one team of developers can simultaneously design and develop hybrid apps for various mobile operating systems, drastically reducing time-to-market.

Lower Development Costs

Multi platform support using single code base is the critical feature of hybrid app development services moreover development framework chosen by our cross platform developers are freely available which enables faster and apparently reduced cost development services.


Since the tools might not support the new features added in Android, iOS, or Windows operating systems, our developers ensure that the lag is filled through customizations.

Access to Plugins, Libraries, and Development Frameworks

WideVision has a vast resource of useful plugins for common APIs like GPS/location sensors, accelerometers, cameras, etc. This enables our developers to write a hybrid code that can interface with all the operating systems.

Technology Expertise

WideVision has experience of developing a large number of hybrid apps. Our developers have proficiencies in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, and other tools necessary for cross-platform mobile apps development.

Community Support

Our selected cross-platform development tools Titanium and PhoneGap are both open source tools and have strong developer communities. Our developers are a part of this community and stay ahead of all the current developments in cross-platform application development. Our hybrid app developers constantly work on improving your mobile apps.

Tested Applications

We ensure rigorous cross-platform user acceptance testing of all our hybrid applications to ensure smooth functioning and a delightful user experience. Our apps are readily published on iTunes Store and Google Play Store. We offer upgrades and maintenance of all the hybrid apps.