Mobile App Design

Ever visited a mobile application that immediately fascinates you? Well.. that doesn't happen by accident. Aesthetically pleasent design, interactive content and vast experience need to come together to create that magic. We design mobile applications that creats seamless delightful user experience. Whether it be technology or business understanding, WideVision has best of both the worlds. By serving hundreds of apps for B2B, B2E and B2C customers, we ensure you that your app idea is set up for success.

We believe that collaboration is the best way to deliver a quality product, so our team is involved in every step from discovering target audience, application architecture, responsive web app design, wire frame development to interactive prototyping. Design thinking is in our DNA, our designers play with key ingredients of mobile app development like structures, connect screens, animations, colors, controls, responsive buttons etc.

Why WideVision?

Focus on End-users

Ultimate destination of every mobile application are the end-users. We explore what motivates your users, and tap into the pulse of your target audience. Each new mobile application requires new strategy, new set of goals, different technology and platform and most important different user groups. Using mind maps, market research, test cases and cultural trends, we dive deep into your business needs.

We focus heavily on end-users and create eye-catching as well as user-friendly designs that portray your brand identity and meet your business goals.

Technical Feasibility Checks

We keep analyzing, testing and optimizing your mobile application and push it to the greatest extent of possibilities. New opportunities introduce new complexities but complete market research help us to bring your mobile enterprise innovation to life.

Platform Specific Design

We have essential aptitude and mastery to create platform specific designs. Apart from designing mobile apps for native platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows, we also offer brilliant services in hybrid responsive app development through Phone Gap App development and Titanium App Development. We avail you customized applications that supports your need for both current and future projects.

Creative UI/UX design professionals

UI/UX designs can rejoice your user or dismay him. Our designers and developers work hand-in-hand and craft UI designs, keeping the best practices suggested by the respective app store in mind. We have masterminds for logo design, theme template, custom template and custom themes. Our designs with higher graphic capabilities captivate users visually and give them an enriching experience.


Our designed apps are intuitive, fast, easy to use, fun even addictive. We design for your audience which leads to higher user engagement and that is the master equation we follow. Visually appleaing animations, fonts, fast loading backgrounds, images, interactive content creats enriching user experience. We transform your app idea into reality in a user friendly way no matter how complex the back-end integration is.

Rigorous User-experience Testing

Rich user experience helps in user retention and engagement which is right ROI , so it would be folly to ignore proper functionality of mobile app. Here we leads mobile app development industry by non-stop iterating and user testing. We provide feature up-gradation as the application base grows, optimize and analyze it even after the app is live in store. We don't stop until we reach amazing.