We have skilled work force in Enterprise mobility Application development for the iOS and have successfully developed applications that uses the info-graphic data presentation style for reporting. Our iOS expertise includes

  • Camera input based applications like the Bar code reader application and OCR integration with the mobile app
  • Graphical data presentation
  • Rich UI-based applications using the iPhone OS software development UI Kit and Core animation
  • Universal application development for the iPad and iPhone
  • UI automation testing
  • Map View based application
  • Information export/import to/from Calendar and Address Book
  • Local and Push notification usage as per the requirement
  • Customized Split View








We have technically proficient IOS developers with proven expertise in ipad development. We serve different domains through our Ipad development services such as-

  • Social media and social networking apps
  • Highly functional and secure e-commerce and shopping applications
  • Health and wellness apps
  • Multimedia and lifestyle apps
  • Cross platform and hybrid apps
  • Food and restaurant, retail, education, real estate and much more


 We have ample technical expertise to develop interactive Silverlight application. Numbers of .NET framework based application development has placed us in a unique position. We are capable of developing feature rich, platform compatible Silverlight applications. We offer-

  • Effective utilization of data implicit template to make end users associated with it.
  • Enhanced audio and video quality for better user interaction.
  • Managed integration of multimedia, graphics and content for seamless user experience.
  • Cross browser and cross platform compatibility to serve wider range of audience.

XNA for Windows Phone

Windows Phone supports cloud based services that helps in exchanging data from Windows Azure using the native SDK. We are proficient application developer in utilizing the Windows Phone SDK and the legacy Windows Mobile SDK. Our Windows Phone services include-

  • Application development using Microsoft’s Silverlight and C#
  • Camera Input based applications like Bar code reader applications and OCR integration with Mobile apps
  • Graphical data presentation
  • Location-based services on mobile applications
  • Client-server mobile applications based on the HTTP protocol
  • Customized GUI controls for the Windows Phone








HTML5 along with CSS3 and Java script enables versatile interface for web-driven mobile applications. A creative blend of native device richness with the associated application is something that makes us stand apart. Our HTML5 expertise includes

  • Integration of Open Source frameworks with HTML5
  • Liquid layouts for multi-screen UIs
  • New features like local storage, multimedia handling, semantics and forms, graphics, etc.
  • A single code-based architecture model for multi-platform presentations
  • Optimizing the client-server communication architecture
  • The Instant Mobilizer framework that bundles the HTML5 based view layer with native platform containers, to create deployable builds in just a few clicks

WebWorks for RIM's BlackBerry

Our BlackBerry OS expertise includes 

  • Undertake BlackBerry Java and Webworks development
  • Develop Playbook apps using Adobe Air and Webworks
  • Develop client-server super/BBM connected apps for RIM BlackBerry Smartphones
  • Implement RTSP and RTP stacks
  • Integrate advanced and the seamless user interface
  • Provide advanced graphics/navigation UIs (tabbed etc) similar to the iPhone, with the help of pre-fabricated components
  • Take care of the cache management aspects, offering existing frameworks such as Persistent Store, RMS, file system, etc.
  • BlackBerry monitoring (BES and device side)
  • BBM connected apps
  • Cloud storage
  • Media Manager on the BlackBerry platform